More Astronomy Evenings, Visitor Survey and more

More Astronomy Evenings

Thanks to all those who turned out on a cold (but dry and clear-ish) evening on Sunday 9th January to listen to (and see) John McEvoy’s excellent presentation covering the last 4.5 billion years ! And thanks to Colin Ingle for keeping The Drovers Return open for us to use his electricity and get warm drinks.

Our time on the telescopes provided by John and Chris, his friend from Northamptonshire Natural History Society, was too brief but gave us a good sight of Jupiter and three of her moons and also our moon.

As the night sky cleared later on, John was able to point out various stars, constellations, galaxies and nebulae and gave us some good tips on how to find them as well as some fascinating facts.

We are already planning a follow-up for Saturday 12th March, when we’ll spend more time on the telescopes and, clear skies permitting, more time with John pointing out the stars and galaxies, etc., before retiring to the café for a Q&A session.

Visitor Survey

Despite the online name saying this is a Visitor Survey 2021, our survey is still open and will remain open for quite a few months yet, until we need to analyse the results for our 2nd National Lottery bid.

The survey is intended to find out about your views as a visitor to the Park, as well as providing us with statistics that we can use in a 2nd National Lottery bid, in which we are seeking more funding for archaeological work in and around the Iron Age Hill Fort in Hunsbury Hill Country Park.

Paper questionnaires are available at The Drovers Return café (on the table to the right as you go in the door), along with a box for your completed forms or, if you prefer, you can use this link : to get you started online,
or this QR code :

All answers and data will be completely anonymous (unless you choose to give us your contact details at the end of the questionnaire). Please do let us know what you think of the Park and how your experience can be improved. Whilst we are not empowered to act on every suggestion ourselves, we will certainly do our best to pass everything on to those who are.

Other things

In the meantime you can always enjoy our Tree Trail and can buy Northampton Lottery  tickets using our dedicated page at any time. This QR Code will take you straight there :

Be sure to enjoy the Wildflower Meadow and the Bluebell Wood, but with the latter, please do stick to the established paths round the edge of the wood so as not to squash or damage the flowers.

We shall be organising litter picks and other activities and events as the weather warms up, and we are helping West Hunsbury Parish Council to organise a celebration for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June, to mark her 70th year on the British throne.

Remember to keep an eye on this website and on our Facebook page for updates.