Starry, Starry, Night (hopefully!)

Let’s hope it is a clear night. If not, we’ll try again on Sunday 9th January.

Be sure to wrap up warm and wear suitable footwear for wet grass and possibly mud. Also consider bringing a folding or camping chair.

John will start with a brief explanation of how the Earth and the solar system were formed and talk a little about each of the planets, before going on to explain how to find the North Star and Big Bear constellation.

We are hoping to have more than one telescope set up. If it is a clear night, we anticipate seeing Jupiter and its Galilean moons, Saturn and her rings, the crescent moon, Andromeda galaxy (our nearest neighbour), the Orion nebula and many, many more astronomical delights which John McEvoy will point out to us.

Please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing as best we can to reduce the risk of catching or transmitting COVID.

It is important that we all bring a torch, but they should be red light, so as not to destroy our night vision possibilities. Don’t worry if you don’t have a red beam ~ we have some red film to attach to people’s torches with elastic bands.

Colin Ingle has agreed to keep The Drovers Return open especially for us to have this event, so we’ll have somewhere warm and dry to go back to once we are done. Thank you, Colin.