More Super Heroes to thank: The Ragwort Super Heroes!

Big, big thankyou’s to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, based in Harlestone Road, who spent the recent August Bank Holiday pulling up the ragwort in our Wild Flower Meadow.

Ragwort is generally regarded in the UK as a noxious weed, as it is toxic to horses and cattle, although it is beneficial to many insects, including bees and other pollinating insects who love it for its nectar, and its bright yellow flowers do liven up a wild flower meadow. However, if left to its own devices, the ragwort will overwhelm the other wild flowers that we are encouraging to grow in the Wild Flower Meadow.

The Friends had a go at clearing the ragwort back in July, knowing that we would be getting William the Shire horse back to the meadow in September for the Strictly Harrowing event, but only managed to make a small dent in its spread.

But the families and friends of the Church did a much better job in August and virtually cleared the meadow of the weed, before having a picnic in the play area across the railway tracks. They managed to fill 3 massive grab bags, which they took to the recycling tip the next day.

This was a spontaneous event, initiated by the Church members themselves, for which we are most grateful. We are delighted to award Hunsbury Park Super Hero status to all who took part.

If you think there is anything you can do, or have done, to help us keep the West Hunsbury Parks looking good, do please let us know so that can acknowledge your contribution.