Thankyou to our new Hunsbury Park Super Hero: An anti-graffiti Super Hero

One of our interpretation boards was vandalised earlier this week ~ some yob scrawled offensive graffiti across it.

While we were trying to get the right materials together to clean it up, assisted by idverde and the Park Ranger, some kind park user cleared it up for us.

So thank you to this anonymous lady who did this for us and for all park users. We think your kind act without seeking reward was great and we are proud to make you a Hunsbury Park Super Hero.

This sort of graffiti, defacing property which is solely there to inform the public of the flora and fauna that can be seen in the park, is legally considered to be criminal damage and the perpetrator will be subject to a fine under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 when caught and, if the defacement is considered substantial, subject to prosecution under the Criminal Damage Act 1971.

So if you see anyone defacing any of the signs in our parks, or doing anything which is prohibited (as stated on the sign boards around the parks) or otherwise unlawful, please take their photo, if it is safe to do so, and send it to us by email, and let the police know as well.

Let us know anyway, with or without a photo, so that we can get straight onto rectifying it. idverde have now given us some graffiti-clearing materials, so we are prepared.