Bird Box Bonanza

Following on from the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch, at the end of January the Friends assisted Nicola Clarke of idverde and the children of Hunsbury Park Primary School to make about 30 bird boxes specifically designed for blue tits (and similar sized birds) and also some bird feed balls.

All the materials to make the boxes and bird feeders were provided by idverde and Nicola provided the ‘building expertise’ (and crowd control !).

The school kept the bird feeders and some of the boxes but the Friends took a dozen of the boxes and have now fixed them around the Country Park.

We were lucky enough to meet the children who had made the boxes while we were fixing them, as they were on one of their regular park outings, so it was lovely for all of us to be able to ‘close the circle’ so to speak.

There are more photos in our Gallery.