Bluebells Smiling …. and our spring flowers too

Spring is already on its way. Have a look at the planter by the main car park which is already showing signs of the flowers we have planted there.

The bluebells planted in 2016 by the Friends were beautiful last year and we are hoping for the same again this Spring. We urge you not to walk, or let children or dogs play, in the area where they are planted, as they are easily damaged and if the ground is even slightly compacted that will prevent them being at their best.

By all means walk around the edges of our Bluebell Wood, but please keep to the obvious and well-established paths.


One of the Friends saw this Chinese version of a “Keep Off The Grass” sign in a park while visiting China. We think it is a nicer way of saying what is needed, so please : Bluebells smiling, please let them alone.

The snow drops and other spring flowers planted by the Friends are already showing themselves. We have added some photos to our Gallery for you to enjoy if you can’t get to the parks to see them for yourselves.