Wild Flower Meadow Survey completed, 12th August

The Friends and friend Hazel undertook a survey of the wild flower meadow (behind the NIRT compound) on Monday, 12th August, assisted by Nicola from idverde and Rita from idverde/RHS.

They started by looking at a 2m square but then moved on to the strip of the meadow that was planted with wild flower seed last year. The results of the survey can be seen here and will be used by idverde as the basis for a new Interpretation Board which we intend to erect at the entrance to the meadow.

The survey team concentrated on the plants and bugs, rather than the birds and mammals, but the star of the survey was probably the Roesel’s Bush Cricket pictured above. Everyone was so engrossed with trying to identify the various flora and fauna that they carried on for 3 hours !

We hope to undertake another survey next year.