Sunday 7th April : BloodAxe Vikings


This local Viking, dark age and migration period re-enactment and living history group, specialising in living history demonstrations and historic combat display, are going to be set up in the Hillfort on Sunday 7th April between 11 am and 5 pm. The forecast is currently for dry weather , but please be aware that as this whole event is very weather -dependent, if the the park and fort become waterlogged due to too much rain, we will have to cancel and re-arrange for a drier day.

BloodAxe Vikings strike a healthy balance between display combat and the day to day living history of what life was like in the dark Age period. As well as the combat displays with a variety of authentic period weapons, the group also focus on re-enactments of historical battles, the lifestyle, crafts and culture of life in the Viking times. Story telling and readings of famous poems and sagas of the period are always popular. Cooking is another area of interest as well as music, pastimes, crafts and games. 

Although the details and timings of the various events planned are subject to the weather on the day, they will be bringing along weapons and other artifacts to assist with their re-enactments, displays, interactive story-telling, Q&A sessions and cookery demonstrations, amongst other things. The public will be able to handle some of the living history artifacts and presentations, under supervision by the Vikings. The event is sure to be an enjoyable and educational day.

Hunsbury Hillfort is a protected ancient monument with a long and important history, and we have had to obtain permission from Historic England to hold this event within its environs. There will be no digging within the fort, and no fires will be lit directly on the ground. The fragile ramparts and ditches forming the walls of the fort will not be touched in any way. Please respect this ancient archaeological site and its heritage.


You can find out more about the BloodAxe Vikings at or their Facebook page “NorthamptonBloodaxeVikings”.

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