Living History on Hunsbury Hill

Our local Viking re-enactment group, Jotunns Wrath, will be establishing a Living History village in Hunsbury Hill Country Park on 16th & 17th September for Heritage Open Days 2023.

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day there will be a programme of re-enactments ~ mock battles, skirmishes, ambushes and other Living History demonstrations. They will also be displaying artefacts, food & cooking, weapons and armour of the period and also crafted wares, some of which will be for sale.

They will have a 22 ft. Viking ship with them (but not on water), as well as answering questions and chatting about the Viking way of life and the places and times in which they lived.

Hunsbury Iron Age Hillfort was occupied for probably 500 years, from about 500 BC to just before the time of the Romans. Although it was abandoned before the Romans invaded in 43 AD, the Anglo-Saxon pottery that has been found there suggests that the site was re-occupied, or at least visited, during the mediaeval ‘Dark Ages’ (450 – 1066 AD) after the Romans left, when the Vikings and Saxons were battling for land around Northampton.

Previous visits from the Vikings have proved to be very educational and entertaining and enjoyed by all.

As with all Heritage Open Days events in West Hunsbury Parks, entry and parking are FREE (although we are always happy to accept as much donation as you want to give).

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