Why not form a syndicate to play Northampton Lottery ?


Why not form a syndicate with family, friends, work colleagues or your dog-walking group ? Syndicates offer a fun and engaging way for groups to enter the lottery. It also increases everyone’s chances of winning. There are multiple ways to communicate to get a group of people to ‘sign up’ (digitally!) , to pay in and to keep track of winnings.

Setting up a syndicate is easy ~ simply follow the guidance and Best Practice Advice on the Syndicate Guide. We recommend that, if you are too far apart to easily get together, all syndicate members email the chosen syndicate manager with their agreement to join  (as well as their agreement to the chosen manager!) along with any other particulars that the syndicate members want to clarify.

Why not give it a go. Once you have set up your syndicate, please click HERE to buy your Lottery ticket(s) and help fund our cause.

Northampton Lottery operates on the principle of enabling people to raise money within the community for the community. The Lottery empowers local good causes to raise money in a fun and effective way and enables people to support the causes they care most about, helping these good causes to connect with their supporters.

A ticket for Northampton Lottery costs just £1 a week* and 50p of every ticket will go directly to the chosen good cause, with a further 10p going to other local causes. Every Northampton Lottery ticket that you buy through our Northampton Lottery page will help us to fund more activities in our West Hunsbury parks and even possibly help us to fund further research into the archaeology of the Iron Age Fort.

We hope you will win one (or more) of the weekly prizes on offer, which range from free Lottery tickets to £25,000 every week. The Lottery website reckons that “every ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize“, so what are you waiting for.

The draw takes place every Saturday night with results posted on the Northampton Lottery website, Facebook and Twitter. Winners (which in the case of a syndicate will be the syndicate manager) will be advised directly, so if you don’t have the time to check who’s won, they will let you know.

GOOD LUCK from the Friends of West Hunsbury Parks.

*  You buy the weekly tickets for a month at a time, with a one-off payment, or you can choose to buy 1 or (hopefully) more weekly tickets every month. Northampton Lottery have decided that there are 5 weeks in a month (!) so the minimum one-off payment (for 1 month) is for 5 weeks.