Someone has stolen our Christmas Gnoman and our Baby reindeer !

Is the Grinch on the loose in West Hunsbury ?

We took a lot of time and effort to make our Festive display as welcoming as possible yet some vandal(s)have already stolen the baby of our reindeer family, breaking their set of lights in the process, and have also made off with Gordan the Gnoman, complete with a full set of Christmas lights. Not much Christmas spirit there, then.

But in keeping with Christmas traditions, we wish all Park users a happy festive season, even the Grinch-morons who stole a bit of our Christmas. We hope when they are fed up with them (or at New Year, whichever comes first) they will bring them back to The Drovers’ Return so that we can use them again in future ~ for everyone’s enjoyment.

In the meantime, if anyone sees either the baby reindeer or our Gnoman in a garden somewhere, or perhaps in a house, please report it to the police, as this is theft.

Luckily, we managed to take some photos of the whole display before the Grinch-vandals got to it, and have put some of them in our website Gallery.

Happy Christmas and a festive New Year to all !