Please respect our parks, and other people’s space, while enjoying our parks

We are lockdown-free at last, but it is still advisable to sanitise hands as often as possible, where a face covering in crowded indoor situations and respect anyone’s personal social distancing wishes. As all our events are outdoors, park users can probably be more relaxed than at most other events, but please be sensible. We do not want to go back to the lockdown days.

Hunsbury Hill Centre Community Festival

Hunsbury Hill Centre, owned and managed by Northamptonshire ACRE, had planned to hold a Community Festival on Sunday 18th July but due to the extended COVID lockdown(s), that has now been moved to Sunday 5th September.

Should be a lot of fun, and it’s FREE ! We are planning to be there so hope you will too.

Heritage Open Days

Although we have now achieved our ambition to get Shire Horses (well, one anyway) back working in the park fields after possibly a hundred years or more, by having Hartwell Shires’ William chain harrow our Wildflower Meadow in September last year (check out photos and videos), we unfortunately were not allowed to make this a public event due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We didn’t make William do any work during our Meet & Greet event on 31st July for Love Parks Week (see photos in our website Gallery), but we WILL be bringing William back to work on Hunsbury Hill for our Heritage Open Days weekend on Sunday 19th September (subject to West Northants Council agreeing).

But it will be work with a difference. Although William will be chain-harrowing our Wildflower Meadow again, this year we are making it a competition between Humans and Horse. Unit 22 Northampton, a specialist gym in Far Cotton, have agreed to get up a team* (or two) to also pull a chain-harrow across the Wildflower Meadow to compete against William to see who is fastest, or who can go further. We haven’t worked out the details yet (or the rules) but training has started !

* If there is anyone else who thinks they could get a team up to beat a Shire horse, please contact us by email.

National Tree Planting Week

Rotary Club of Northampton West will be obtaining some trees to plant and are liaising with idverde to choose species, numbers, size, and potential planting locations.

This year, National Tree Planting Week is Sat. 27th November to Sun. 5th December, so we anticipate helping Rotary and idverde to plant them then.

Other things

Thinking further ahead, we are still hoping to organise an astronomy evening in early 2022, involving telescopes and moon-gazing.

In the meantime you can always enjoy our Tree Trail and can buy Northampton Lottery  tickets using our dedicated page at any time.  This QR Code  will take you straight there :

You can also read our Poems in the Park for Freedom, Happiness, Humour, VE Day, Mothers’ Day, Valentines’ Day and Armistice Day by scrolling through our website Gallery at your leisure.

Be sure to enjoy the Wildflower Meadow and the Bluebell Wood, but with the latter, please do stick to the established paths round the edge of the wood so as not to squash or damage the flowers.

Remember to keep an eye on this website and on our Facebook page for updates.