Please take care at the new ‘eastern’ rail crossing

The Prince’s Trust, in conjunction with the Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway Trust (NIRT) have constructed a new crossing over the railway line near the south-eastern end of the Country Park, to replace the crossing between the end of the Sunken Lane and The Gullet that was not wheelchair accessible.

The new crossing is only 30m east of the old crossing but this means that the exposed ironstone cliff face of The Gullet next to the path at that point is about 3-4m high.

Whilst the path between the old and new crossings is the same path (along the edge of The Gullet) that has been there for decades, please take extra care, especially with children and dogs, when using the new crossing. There are already warning signs in place and the new West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) have told us that they are waiting for a delivery of posts and wire so that they can renew the fence between the path and The Gullet.