Snowdrops are out ~ Spring is on the way !

There is a magnificent display of snowdrops alongside the path through Wootton Brook Park, opposite the weir out of Shelfleys Lake.* This video shows how extensive they are.

We’ve put more pictures in our website Gallery, including some of the snowdrops in the corner of our Bluebell Wood and in the planter at the entrance to the Country Park.

This means that, while the parks may be sodden and muddy and the skies may be cloudy and grey (most of the time), spring is definitely on the way.

We urge you not to walk, or let children or dogs play, in the areas where the bluebells and snowdrops are planted, as they are easily damaged and, if the ground is even slightly compacted, that will prevent them being at their best.

By all means walk around the edges of our Bluebell Wood, and through Wootton Brook Park, but please keep to the obvious and well-established paths.

* If you want to go see the Wootton Brook Park snowdrops and need to park your car, the car park in Ladybridge Park is the nearest. From there, cross Ladybridge Drive and walk over the Wootton Brook bridge (or vice versa) and turn left into Wootton Brook Park. The weir is at the far end.