Interpretation Board for our Wildflower Meadow

We have now had an Interpretation Board installed in our Wildflower Meadow, depicting the typical flora and fauna that can be found there.

This is the third such sign we have had made and installed by Shelly Signs from Shrewsbury, all of them designed by Anne Jones of the Friends ~ the other two being (a) by Shelfleys Lake and (b) in the Country Park between the Bluebell Wood and the Play Area.

This new one has been funded by idverde and Councillor Brian Oldham, to whom we are extremely grateful.

We are particularly pleased with the siting of this Board, which has the view matching the background photograph used.

We have also taken the opportunity to highlight the need to pick up and bin dog-poo bags. This is obviously important and sociable wherever you are but is especially necessary in the Wildflower Meadow as it is one of the Park areas used as an outdoor classroom by the nearby Hunsbury Park Primary School.