We are aware from comments on our Facebook page from some of our more diligent park users that there is an annoying amount of litter in the parks at the moment. We will organise a big clean up once the government relaxes the lockdown situation.

In the meantime, we are really grateful to those of you who are litter picking during your daily exercising.

There are plenty of dog poo bins and litter bins (both of which can be used for dog poo bags) around the parks, so please use them and do not rely on others to tidy up after you.

During these troubling times, please take extra care to bin your dog poo bags and your litter, or take it home. Also, please remember that the great majority of ‘wet wipes’ are not biodegradable and so while we may be using more of them when we are out in the parks to help ward off Coronavirus, please make sure to bin them.

Let’s all keep safe.