Winter Photo Competition STILL ON

We have recently found out that the email link we had in our Winter Photo Competition article didn’t go anywhere ! So we have to apologise to anyone who has submitted a photo and wondered why they didn’t get any sort of acknowledgment.

The competition is still running until Easter so, if you have already tried to submit a photo (or more) via the email link given in the Winter Photo Competition article, please submit again using Facebook or one of the links below, as we have now fixed the links to actually send an email to the competition judge.

And if you haven’t yet submitted a photo for the competition, there is still time to do so ~ Easter is the weekend of 10th – 13th April.

Your photo can have been taken at any time in the past or present and can be of any subject matter of your choosing (but we would prefer winter photos as this is a Winter Photo Competition !). The only condition is that it should have been taken in one of our West Hunsbury Parks.

Please post your photos on to our Facebook page using this link and instructions in the Updated Winter Photo Competition post. Alternatively, you can email your photo(s) to us via this link or the email address in the Contact Us section on our website. There will be a prize for the winner(s) and we will post as many of your photos as we can on our website Gallery and Facebook pages.

Our chair, Mavis, will do the judging and the winner(s) will be announced after Easter.

GOOD LUCK from the Friends of West Hunsbury Parks.