Early rising park users have to clear up mess left by irresponsible and immature party goers

The Country Park play area was left in a mess on Saturday morning (21st March), very possibly by youngsters celebrating the early school closures due to Coronavirus.

The mess included broken glass in and around the play equipment used by young children. This is not only inconsiderate and irresponsible, it is also selfish, thoughtless and immature. If anyone knows any of the people involved, please tell them to take their parties to their homes and gardens. We do not want them in our parks and certainly not around any of the play equipment, at least not until they have grown up and matured enough to put their litter in the many bins provided (and regularly emptied by idverde).

Luckily, as happened last June when local school leavers had their usual end-of-school party in the hillfort, anonymous park users cleared up most of the glass and other mess before any young children came to harm, so big, big  THANKYOU  to those of you who did that.

During these troubling times, please take extra care to bin your litter, or take it home. Also, please remember that the great majority of ‘wet wipes’ are not biodegradable and so while we may be using more of them when we are out in the parks to help ward off Coronavirus, please make sure to bin them.

Let’s all keep safe.