2020 Litter Picks and other “Work” Events
At the beginning of 2019 we started doing a litter pick at least once every month, but towards the end of the year we cancelled or postponed quite a few as it seems that a number of park users are not dropping as much litter about or, at least, are binning it or taking it home.

Thank you to everyone who is doing this and helping to keep our Parks looking good.

We have therefore decided that in 2020 we will only schedule litter picks when we think they are needed and, of course, will let you know through this website and our Facebook page as soon as we plan any where we think we need some help. None planned at the moment.

Winter Photo Competition
We are holding a photo competition to find the best Christmas or Winter photo taken of, or in, our parks. Doesn’t have to be a new photo, it can have been taken at any time in the past. Competition closes at Easter. More details here.

Sat/Sun/Monday 25th – 27th January 2020 ~ RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch
Why not join in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch over the weekend of 25th-27th January. Choose an hour of your time at some time over the weekend, to sit down with a nice hot cup of tea (or other drink of your choice) and count and record the birds you see landing and the other wildlife that you see, such as hedgehogs, frogs, insects, and then to send your results to them.

Although they call it the Big Garden Birdwatch, RSPB are happy for you to do the same thing in your local parks, so you could go to anywhere in Wootton Brook Park, Ladybridge Park, Hunsbury Hill Country Park or the Hillfort to spend your hour.

More details and tips on how to do it properly are available on the RSPB website.

Poems in the Park
Following on from the popularity of the Poems in the Park for Remembrance Day, we are going to try and do something similar at various times throughout the year. We are thinking possibly Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Halloween, and so forth. Keep your eyes peeled.

Please respect our Bluebell Wood
The bluebells we planted a few years ago were beautiful last year and we are hoping for the same again this Spring. We urge you not to walk, or let children or dogs play, in the area where they are planted. Rather than saying “Keep Off The Bluebells”, we think the Chinese version is nicer : Bluebells smiling, please let them alone.

Sunday 12th April ~ Easter Pebble-Egg Hunt          
We will be hiding some pebble-eggs around the Country Park before Easter and on Easter Sunday will hold a Hunt, with Cream Egg or chocolate egg rewards for the children that find our special pebbles.

Tues 19th May and Thurs 21st May ~ Painting Play Equipment
We are going to have another go at painting the play equipment in Ladybridge Park. On Tuesday 19th May we will be washing down and generally preparing those bits of equipment that we can reach and invite volunteers to help us do the painting on Thursday 21st May.

Sat/Sun 13th/14th June ~ Midlands History Festival       
We have been invited to set up our gazebo at this so we hope to see you there. Their website lists all the events they intend to have going on, including battles and combat displays, falconry displays, archery and armour making. There will be Viking, Medieval, military and other re-enactment groups attending, so it should be a lot of fun.

Sat 11th July ~ Hunsbury Meadows Party in the Park  
This is another event that we have been invited to. It is a biennial event which is organised by Hunsbury Meadows Parish Council. The first two (2016 and 2018) were very successful so we are looking forward to seeing you there.

11th – 20th September ~ Heritage Open Days
NBC have yet to confirm when they will be arranging the Northampton Heritage Open Days, but the HOD website is quoting 11th – 20th September.

We will again be taking part and arranging something to attract you all in to our parks. We are thinking Vikings and possibly more. Watch this space.

Other Events
We are still working on other events for you to enjoy in our parks throughout the year and will let you know about these once we have something definite planned.

The Friends and Northampton Lottery
We now have a dedicated page with Northampton Lottery, which enables you to help fund our events while giving yourself a chance to win up to £25,000 every week. Why not give it a go. More details here.

And don’t Forget the Tree Trail
This is a nice gentle walk around and about the Hillfort and its ring of trees. It normally takes 45-60 minutes. Maps and leaflets are available from the Drovers Return café. We will keep this going as long as there is a demand for the leaflets.

Don’t forget to install a QR Code reading app onto your mobile phone.

You can read the Tree Health & Safety Report on which the Tree Trail is based (and all the other surveys and reports from the last year) via the links in ‘Our Lottery Year’.