Heritage Open Days : Strictly Harrowing~ IT’S FREE !! Free Parking, Free Entry (& Free Exit !)

For our Heritage Open Days event this year, we are again going to get our Wild Flower Meadow chain harrowed, but this year it won’t only be William, our favourite Shire horse, doing the harrowing.

This year, we are holding what might be a World First ~ Strictly Harrowing. A competition between humans and horse, to see who is best at pulling the chain harrows over the meadow to help scarify the grass and spread the flower seeds.

Specialist gym UNIT 22  , from Far Cotton, have agreed to get a team up to see if they can do it.

What do you think ? Come along to cheer them on ~ or to cheer William on if he’s your favourite. Timings and competition rules (not to taken too seriously) are below.

We’ll have some colouring sheets for the kiddies and a craft stall for the grown-ups, along with our usual badges, stickers and leaflets to give away, so we’re hoping it will be a lot of fun. Please come and enjoy yourselves.

The whole event is FREE, including parking, so we are extremely grateful to local estate agent, Chris Stone of Horts, for sponsoring this event,

but we are also grateful to everybody who drops money into our Donations buckets, as this money is the only source of funding that we have at present (along with the specific event sponsorship and Northampton Lottery contributions).

Please donate generously if you like what we are doing ~ or better still, buy some Northampton Lottery tickets through our dedicated page and give yourself a chance every week to win up to £25,000, as well as helping to fund us.