Can You Help Us ?

Do you live near to the Country Park gated entrance and are you an early riser ?

The Friends and a dedicated band of volunteers have been opening and closing the park gates daily since they were installed. We are now looking for a volunteer (or volunteers) to help us with opening and closing the park gate at the weekends.

Since the gate was fitted to the car park entrance, the abuse and refuse that used to be experienced on a daily basis has all but disappeared. They have made an enormous difference to the cleanliness and antisocial behaviour in the car park and have generally helped make the park safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

To be able to maintain the standards in our park that we have now come to enjoy, we need someone (or more) to help us by opening and closing the gate on Saturdays and Sundays at the times stated on the sign.

This does not have to be one person doing everything. If you only want to do opening (or closing) on one of the days, we will welcome your input, although we obviously hope to get enough volunteers to cover the whole weekend. Even if you do not think you want to do this every weekend throughout the year, but are willing to do it as part of a rota, please contact us.

If you are willing to consider volunteering, please contact us without any commitment, using and let us know what you are able to do for us.