THE BLOODAXE VIKINGS ARE BACK : Sat/Sun 14th/15th September

This local Viking, dark age and migration period re-enactment and living history group, specialising in living history demonstrations and historic combat display, are once again coming to the Hill Fort, this time for two days during Heritage Open Days 2019, on Saturday and Sunday, 14th and 15th September.

They will be joined by another local Northampton living history group, Armée du Nord, who specialize in all things Norman and, we hope, some more of their friends from other Viking groups.

BloodAxe Vikings strike a healthy balance between display combat and the day to day living history of what life was like in the dark Age period. As well as the combat displays with a variety of authentic period weapons, the group also focus on re-enactments of historical battles, the lifestyle, crafts and culture of life in the Viking times. Story telling and readings of famous poems and sagas of the period are always popular. Cooking is another area of interest as well as music, pastimes, crafts and games.

We hope that they will be showing us as many of these skills as possible.

They will be bringing along weapons and other artifacts to assist with their re-enactments, displays, interactive story-telling, Q&A sessions and cookery demonstrations, amongst other things. The public will be able to handle some of the living history artifacts and presentations, under supervision by the Vikings. The event is sure to be an enjoyable and educational day.










See our Gallery to find out what they got up to in the Hill Fort when they joined us earlier this year in April.


Also check them out at their website or their Facebook pages NorthamptonBloodaxeVikings and Armée du Nord.