If you missed the Scavenger Hunt on 21st July, you’re not too late. We are continuing it to the end of August.

Thank you to all the young people (and their parents and grandparents) who took part in the Scavenger Hunt on Sunday 21st July, making it a very successful day.

As well as the Scavenger Hunt, we provided pebbles and pens for children to paint their own designs and we then went and hid them around the Park. This proved just as popular as the Hunt itself.

If your family were not able to visit the park on the 21st July, you can still take part in the Scavenger Hunt until the end of August. Go to the Drovers Return café to collect a question sheet. At the end of their hunt, on return to the café to have their sheet checked, the children will hopefully collect a prize!

We will also leave a bag of pebbles and some pens in the Friends Information Centre at the café for any children who want to paint a pebble after they have completed the Hunt.

Here’s a pebble (hidden by others, not us) that we all missed on the day. Can you find it ?

More photos in our Gallery.