Hedge Trimming : Saturday 24th August ~ Meet in Ladybridge Park, 10:30


We are going to carry out some hedge trimming on Saturday 24th August in the Ladybridge Park / Wootton Brook Park areas. We would welcome any volunteers who would like to help. Meet in the Ladybridge Park car-park at 10:30. We hope the work will only take an hour or so, so we will be finished by lunch-time.

We not only need people who can bring their own tools* and appropriate protective gear, but we also need people without any tools to help clear the cuttings away. We can provide hi-viz jackets, so better bring your own gardening gloves to protect your hands and arms. We have ordered a cage from idverde for the clippings.

* We would prefer manual shears, as these would be the simplest, but if you are experienced with a power trimmer and have all the right protective gear, then please join us.