Hedge Trimming Party ~ request for volunteers



Some park users have reported difficulty in negotiating parts of the footpaths in Wootton Brook Park which are becoming almost totally obstructed by the hedging. The  cutting back of hedges is part of the winter schedule for the Park management contractors which means they will not be dealt with until October /November at the earliest. We would like to get a working party together as soon as possible to deal with the bushes that in some places are almost totally obstructing the footpaths in Wootton Brook Park (that’s the one with the lake), to ease the situation.

We would be grateful for volunteers to assist us. Please contact us via Facebook or our website (Contact Us) if you can help.


We not only need people who can bring their own tools* and appropriate protective gear, but we also need people without any tools to help clear the cuttings away. We can provide hi-viz jackets, so better bring your own gardening gloves to protect your hands and arms.

* We would prefer manual shears, as these would be the simplest, but if you are experienced with a power trimmer and have all the right protective gear, then please join us.