Scavenger Hunt continued to end of August.

Thank you to all the young people (and their parents and grandparents) who took part in the Scavenger Hunt on Sunday 12th August, making it a very successful day. The weather threatened a lot but in the end was kind to us all.

It was not just the children who seemed to enjoy themselves searching the Park; the adults also entered into the spirit of the hunt, but this may have been due to the promise of a drink in the café after their efforts! This was the Friends’ first attempt at such an activity, and one to be repeated by the response we received from all who took part. We look forward to seeing you all again on August 31st and September 1st, for more fun and activities in the Park.

If your family were not able to visit the park on the 12th August take note that you can still take part in the Scavenger Hunt until the end of August. Go to the Drovers Return café to collect a question sheet. At the end of their hunt, on return to the café to have their sheet checked, the children will hopefully collect a prize and the parents a free drink!

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